CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist

  • CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Main Parameter
  • Type:CD1/MD1
  • Lifting weight:1~20t
  • Lifting height:6~30m
Cranes provide customized services
  • Certification Nucleon Crane has been audited by many international authority such as CE/ISO/SGS/BV/GOST/RTN/TUV and so on.
  • Packaging Details Our marine crane normal export package:Wooden pallet,Rack wooden,20' and 40' container,Nude or According to your demands.
  • Delivery Detail Shipped in 20 days after payment.
CD type electric hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment.Which can be mounted on all types of cranes,such as gantry crane,overhead crane,jib crane and other special crane to lift all types of material.With a small modification,it can also be used as a winch.What's more,it can be installed easily with different heights by hand control.
As a kind of general lifting equipment,model CD1/MD1 electric is equipped with Upper/Lower limit protector to ensure safe operation.It is widely used in material handling and cargo transloading in factory,mine field,railway paving site,goods station and warehouse.It is a good performance lifting mechanism in raising working efficiency and improving working condition.
As a small-sized lifting equipment,it has the advantages of compact structure,light weight,small volume,International Dimensions,easy-to-operate etc. Reducer adopts hard tooth surface driving design,which enjoys the long life span and high mechanical efficiency.The motor adopts  taper rotor brake motor,with the upper and down two-way security limit device.
There is only one CD electric hoist lifting speed;MD1 electric hoist is fast and slow two kinds of hoisting speed,steadily and accurately,for more precise assembly.
CD type electric hoist has only one normal speed,which can satisfy normal application while MD type electric hoist owns two speeds:normal speed and low speed.
When the MD type are in low speed,it can do precise loading and unloading,mounding of sand box,maintenance of machine tools etc.Thus model MD electric hoist is more widely used than model CD.

CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist.jpg



Lifting weight


Hoisting height (m)


Hoisting speed (m/min)

80.8/8 )

Travel speed (m/min)




Min curvature (m)



Lift Motor



Power (kw)

1.5 0.2/1.53.0 0.4/3.04.5 0.4/4.57.5 0.8/7.5

Rotation speed (r/min)


Current (A

4.3,0.72/4.3  7.6,1.25/7.6  11,2.4/11  18.2.4/18


Travel Motor



ZDY12-4  ZDY21-4

Power kw)

0.2  0.4  0.8

Rotation speed (r/min)


Current (A

0.72  1.25  2.4

Working system

Intermediate FC=25%

Power source

Three-phase AC 380V 50Hz


CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist.jpg

CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist.jpg

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